Virtual Sports

NOVA88 Virtual Sports

NOVA88 Virtual Game, a virtual game from NOVA88 is duplicate sports betting various kinds of betting, for example, basketball, horse racing, car racing, bike racing, tennis, Greyhound racing, etc. The betting form is easy to play and quick result; sports betting daily open throughout 24 hours simultaneously with sounds and beautiful graphics.

Sports Virtual betting has been updated advanced technology at this time. Since the system change from Visual Sports betting, there is always a bet match, so players are easily select betting games all day.

How-to play NOVA88 Virtual Games

Step 1

Click on NOVA88 Access on the provided website without any programs downloading to set up. You are unconditionally accessing the page since we update a link to reach NOVA88; it is guaranteed to play 100%.

Step 2

Click on Login and fill out your Username and Password as a member

Step 3

After you log in the page, select NOVA88 virtual games

Select kind of sports betting, which is on the NOVA88 website offered football, basketball, tennis, motorsport virtual bettings, and so on. The play called AI system, save time, pleasant, exciting as real football betting.

Handicap equal to online football betting. Look at Event, handicap related to online football betting by FT is a full-time betting while 1H is a half-time betting. You can relax to bet with Maxbet, sports virtual betting and you don’t need to be worried about HDP because we provide all kinds of betting.

HDP = football handicap betting
O/U = score betting on over or under then website limit
1×2 betting home team or away team to be winner, loser or even

Besides, number 1 presents statistics of 2 teams match out of the last 5 games, number 2 presents tournament program, and number 3 attention at ‘Place Your Bets’ will be 1 game takes 3.35 minutes. If you desire to bet, you need to bet before the time of each round.