Number Game

NOVA88 Number Game

NOVA88 Number Game, an online number comparable the popularity to other bets on NOVA88. If you give a try to play the number game, assure that you will reach enjoyment, exciting accompanying making a profit easily. The play is notable for players as lottery betting, the extraordinary thing is daily welcoming for you anytime you wish.

Number game betting still holding the number betting as usual, and there are songs provided for gamblers. Happy 5 presents a new theme simultaneously new experience offered to customers. Live betting program with amazing a lady, and a big prize at 10.00 – 06.00 daily.

NOVA88 Number Game has 75 balls which the betting will select only 1 ball. The awarding will be on broadcasting for people to watch the live.

Playing the number game resemble Bingo, the only difference is there are many options to play.

  1. Over / Under result betting
  2. Even / Odd betting
  3. Next result betting to be higher or lower than the recent number

How-to play NOVA88 Number Game

  1. Over-under result betting, if a random-number-selected from 1 – 37 is considered as an under ball, and from 38 – 75 is an over ball.
  2. Even-odd result betting, if a random-number-selected is odd as 3, 17, 61 are considered as an odd ball, and if the number as 2, 10, 36 are considered as an even ball.
  3. Even-odd result betting (full time) is a result of the three-random-selected balls, for example, if the selected ball numbers 10, 20, and 15, and the result is 45, this betting is considered as the odd side wins.
  4. Warrior result betting, football result between the 2nd ball and the 3rd ball, the most ball result betting provides the wagerer wins.