NOVA88 Mobile

NOVA88 Mobile

How-to play NOVA88 via mobile

To attend and have joy with online betting from the NOVA88 website, online sports, football bettings, and live casinos, players acquired to register as members of website to possess own User and Password from an official to access NOVA88 system via mobile.

  1. Change a language that supported a maximum of 7 languages
  2. User box
  3. Password box

Step 1

For the channel of playing via mobile when you click a link, you will meet Log in the page that recommended 7 languages; playing via mobile, you need to fill in User and Password to access the system.

Step 2

To log in for the first time, you will notice page which obliges you to change a new password, you ought to fill in your new password and confirm the information immediately. Once you finish, an illustration page advises the functions of an application that you are using, you are possible to skip.

Step 3

Later, you will see all NOVA88 game categories are arranged for all members; players are able to select the game on this page; this is our example of football online selecting via mobile.

Step 4

Online football betting, players select a team to play and a tournament program in a league; this is a single-player on sports betting.

In case players need to play parley football, there is a bar above “Parley” provided for you.

Step 5

Players select a league for your team then you see and a tournament program in a league, then the player will meet all handicap rates to bet as an illustration that bets on Over -0.98.

Step 6

Place your bet then click the Bet button to start the game.